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If your health is good you will feel happy in your life. There are many health problems and concerns that people deal with every day, and the biggest problem is piles and piles treatment. Piles can be treated with some changes in your lifestyle and little more consultation. 

You can improve this situation and use some piles treatment at home with effective remedies and effective treatment. There are some reasons which caused piles like low fiber diet, pregnancy, constipation, obesity, prolonged sitting on the hard surface, and many other


It is quite possible at home. Everyone can adopt some basic bawaseer treatment and choose your diet carefully to maintain a good lifestyle and lower the risk of piles. External and internal piles, both situations are very painful. Viens burst and it starts bleeding in internal piles case. Some of them must be surprising for you or might be offensive. 

But the fact is that some home remedies for piles work for you. Exercise is the easiest home remedy that could be used to cure piles. During exercise, the patient has to ensure that his abdominal muscles help develop blood circulation in the rectum area. Some of them must be surprising for you or might be offensive.

Belly fat piles

Home remedies for piles

Turnip Juice

Turnip leaves are also very effective for piles. It solves the problem associated with piles. first, you need to extract the juice of turnip and then the patient should consume 150 ml juice of turnip every day. It is very effective and healthy. 

Mango Seeds

Mango seeds are very good natural and best home treatment for piles first you dry mango seeds then you can store the powder of seeds. The recommended dose by naturopathic is one and half a gram twice in a day. you can it with honey if you like. this is also a very effective way to cure piles and it also a best piles treatment in homeopathic. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used on the infected area to control itching and swelling it is proved as an effective remedy for piles. The acid which presents in Apple cider vinegar will control the bacterial growth in the digestive system. The acid content, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and calcium helps to regulate your digesting system. If you are thinking about how to get rid of piles then this is the best option for you. 

Ginger, Mint And Lime Juice

Take an equal amount of mint ginger and lime juice mix it well and also add one teaspoon honey. Drink it every day to cure piles

Dry figs

Dry figs are also a very good treatment for piles. take some dry figs soaked them overnight and use them in the morning to avoid the difficulty of bowel movement. If your digestion process will good then you will get rid of piles. 

Bleeding Piles Treatment

Mix the reddish juice with honey and consume it twice a day. it will reduce the anal inflammation and control piles. The leaves of Jamun are also very effective on piles. you should drink the juice of humans mixed with sugar and milk thrice in a day.

How to get rid of piles 

Turnip carrot and spinach

Turnip carrot and spinach also play a big role in piles treatment. It soothes the anal pain and improves the bowel movement. You need to remain hydrated if you don’t want to suffer from piles. drinking plenty of water and 2 glass of buttermilk is very beneficial for piles. Also, mix a few drops of bitter gourd juice in buttermilk.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very effective for hemorrhoids, it has been used historically for piles and other skin conditions. It has anti-inflammatory properties. This is also a good home remedy to cure piles.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil which is easily available at home and it is natural moisturizer apply it to the affected area to reduce pain and swelling.


You can use wet and warm tea bags for soothing the external piles it will help you to relief the pain.

belly fat piles


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If you get tired of all these remedies, but could not find any solution to get rid of piles, then try

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This is the best and ultimate cure for piles, This is a herbal tonic and it reduces both pain and itching. It is an anti-inflammatory tonic so it can reduce swelling as well. Belly fat tonic helps to soften your stool and also increase its bulk. That will help you to avoid the straining that may worsen the symptoms of piles. Try it and see the results your self.

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اس مشروب کا کوئی سايڈ ایفیکٹ نہیں ہے ، میں نے اسے اپنے لئے استعمال کیا اور حیرتانگیز نتائج برآمد ہوئے۔ لیکن مختلف لوگوں کا جسم مختلف ہوتا ہے، کبھی آپ کو نتائج تیز ملتے ہیں تو کبھی دیر میں ۔ یہ استعمال کرنا بلکل محفوظ ہے۔

What benefits I will be getting ,using this drink?

You will be getting the following benefits.

Your bloodpressure will be stabbled, Uric acid will be normal, Controls Cholesterol , controls diabetes , controls piles and many more.

What if i dont get results?

We will refund in full once you finshed your bottle in a month time and you dont get results.

How to use it?

Take two teaspoons of belly fat drink in a quarter cup of water on empty stomach.

You will get around 2-3 loose motions and all the deases will flush out.

This item is not recomended for pregnant women and childrens.

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